The Last Article Of The Year 2010  

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Salam Sakinah From Admin.
The year 2010 will extend his curtains and in 2011 will also be taking over. Every time a new year would transform each of us has the determination. But whether in 2010 we managed to achieve resolutions that we made in 2009. Hopefully everything has been achieved. Definitely a lot of memories that have been embedded in you all for the year 2010. Sure there are bitter memories, and surely there is a sweet for the year 2010. Where would we have learned a lot from the year 2010. Expected it to be a guide and a supply for us to continue living in the year 2011 was. Expected in 2011 will make us a much more successful in life and in the hereafter. Hopefully we are still in the age to go through this in 2011. The Admin would like to thank all visitors of this blog and have given us the spirit in us to continue providing the articles to be reading all of the partnership and for all. Hopefully you all will not be bored to visit our blog. The administrator also provides a few more blogs and websites for each of us to share your knowledge at all, namely: -

Inshallah we will continue to provide the article to be read and for us all together to preach in the way of this. Hopefully, every partnership is here to get the blessings and guidance from God.

Hopefully in 2011 this will give us more strength to meet their demands in the way of this mission and for us to invite as many as possible to the religion of Allah is Islam .. inshallah ..

Surely the good that comes from God and all that is wrong comes from the weakness of the Admin itself.

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